That’s right. Decatur Jewelry & Pawn simply has the best layaway program in the industry. Unheard of, we offer up to 10 months to pick your item up. Then you only have to pay 10% down monthly. Best yet, you only have to put 10% down at the start. Wow. You can’t beat that, and with tax refunds are right around the corner, now is the perfect time to sign up.

The process is SIMPLE:

  1. Select your product
  2. Pay just 10% of the item’s price
  3. Pay 10% monthly
  4. Pay for & pick it up when you get your tax refund.

It’s that simple. Period!

Since 1993, we have had the industry’s leading layaway programs. Most companies try to launch a great layaway plan, but the problem most companies have in their plans is it’s “great” for one reason: It’s “great” for the company, not their customer. Many other companies want huge initial down payments and very short terms. That’s exactly why Decatur Jewelry & Pawn launched our awesome 10/10/10 LAYAWAY PLAN. It’s is “great” for you, our customer. We require only 10% down. That’s just easy math, right? Then, each month, you’re only expected to pay 10% of the remaining balance. Again, it’s easy math. Then, unheard of by other companies, we allow you to extend your layaway for 10 full months. That’s right: 10 months. Again, the math is easy. So, take advantage of our 10/10/10 LAYAWAY PROGRAM and you’re assured to get that awesome item you’ve always wanted. It’s that easy.

At Decatur Jewelry & Pawn, we’ve built our business by letting our customers win. When you win, we win. This is how we have built up two and sometimes three generations of customers. Our repeat customers and customer referrals are what keeps us growing each year. Stop in and ask any associate for details.