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Estate Jewelry

Sell Your Estate, Vintage & Antique Jewelry

Estate, vintage and antique jewelry can often be worth an impressive amount of money. Decatur Jewelry & Pawn buys, sells and trades estate jewelry throughout the world. Many times, customers approach us with a parcel of jewelry from a family member’s estate. Most often, they do not know the value of the items they show us. This is where our expertise, trust and communication sets us apart from other buyers of jewelry. Decatur Jewelry & Pawn has been buying and selling estate, vintage and antique jewelry since 1993. Yes, 1993 — even before the Internet was invented and used worldwide.

Perry Lewin, 3rd generation jeweler, brings his wealth of family experience, knowledge and trustworthiness to evaluating each estate and parcel of jewelry. Bring it all: Costume jewelry, fine jewelry, coins, antiques and the unknown. Perry and his staff will sort through your merchandise and will help you identify what pieces are worth money and which ones have little to no value. It is advised to call ahead for an appointment, as sorting through estate items can take a lot of time and requires an open desk. This way, we can be prepared upon your arrival.

Usually, within 24 hours, we can have a solid cash offer for your valuable and can have a check in your hand or a wire transfer to your bank. Our global reach and expert team of evaluators has made us one of the largest, most respected and sought after buyers of estate and vintage jewelry throughout the area.

Below is a simple guideline to help make selling your antique, vintage or estate jewelry a simple, stress-free experience:

  1. Gather the necessary information.
  2. Evaluate & price your antique jewelry.
  3. Sell and walk away satisfied & fulfilled.

Our motto has always been to build long-term relationships by offering honest, fair and satisfying experiences to our new and existing customers.

Call with your questions. We’ll do our best to remove the fear and apprehension you have in dealing with your estate jewelry.

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