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Item Purchases

Most often, people confuse the term “pawn.” A pawn is described as offering an item of value for a short-term loan. This service is used if you intent to return to pick up or “redeem” your “pawn.”

If you use a pawn store, you do not always have to “pawn” your item. You can choose to sell the item, or items. In this case, we would call or consider this transaction a “buy” or “purchase.” If you do not want the item anymore and are just looking to get cash for the item, you just explain to any team member helping you that you want to sell your item. We will evaluate your item’s market worth and will make a cash offer for the item. The offer, of course, depends on the market conditions, such as age, condition, salability and market supply and demand.

On the other hand, if want to keep your item, but are in need of some short-term cash, you would “pawn” your item. The same process applies, except, we would loan you money on your item and store the item in our safe, secured pawn room until you picked up or “redeemed” your item. At that time, you would pay back the money we loaned you plus a finance charge for our services. This finance charge would be explained to you prior to the loan being made and would be written on your pawn ticket or contract.

So, the next time you’re in need or some short-term cash and you find yourself at a dead end, consider selling or pawning a few of your items of value you have lying around your house. We will either buy it from you or offer you a short-term pawn loan on your item(s).

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