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Jewelry Inspection and Repair

Decatur Jewelry & Pawn is proud to offer free jewelry cleaning and inspection for any piece of jewelry. We will inspect and clean up to three (3) items per person, per visit. It’s a good idea to do this every three months. Not only will your jewelry be better maintained, it will allow us the time to identify any potential problem before it gets worse. If your jewelry was bought from Decatur Jewelry & Pawn, this will allow your lifetime guarantee to remain valid if you have your inspection card signed every three months.

During this cleaning and inspection process, our experts will check the prongs, center, or main, stone, the side stones, the metal and any clasps or assembly parts to make sure everything is still in excellent condition.


Many people don’t think about getting their jewelry inspected until it is too late and a problem has occurred, like a diamond falling out, a prong breaking off or a crack in the piece of jewelry. Getting your jewelry inspected seems like a hassle, but considering the value of the item(s) or the emotional attachment you can understand the importance and cost savings of having your jewelry inspected regularly. Plus, it is a bonus to walk out with a nice, shiny new-looking item again. It makes us all feel good to see our jewelry bling.

I always tell my customers that it is a lot cheaper to replace or repair a prong before the diamond falls out. If the diamond is already out, you will still have to repair or replace the prong, but you’re also buying another diamond that fell out or chipped.

Check The Item Yourself

You can do a quick self-check on most of your jewelry items. Even an untrained eye can easily detect something wrong with a jewelry item, such as a bent prong, a sharp snag, a cracked shank or loose diamonds or gemstones. If you happen to see any of the above immediately take the item off and place it into a safe container, such as a plastic bag or envelope. Bring it to us and we will professionally inspect it further and we will give you an assessment and cost to repair your precious item.

Let Decatur Jewelry & Pawn take the worry and hassle out of your broken jewelry. Our professionals will assist you in every step of the way and will make you smile when you leave here, knowing your jewelry has been professionally inspected, cleaned and repaired, if necessary. We hope to see you soon.

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