Decatur Jewelry & Pawn has specialized in silver and gold coins and bullion products since 1993. Buying silver coins, bars and rounds is a great way to diversify yourself. Silver and gold buyers usually fall into two categories: Bullion investors and collectors. Whether you are looking for past date Silver American Eagle Coins or this year’s date, Decatur Jewelry & Pawn is your source. We sell both gold and silver American Eagle Bullion. In addition, we also carry a large selection and quantity of silver coins, 90% silver coinage, Canadian Silver Maples, South African Krugerrands, Chinese Panda and more. If collecting rare and historical coins, we usually have those too. Our collection includes, Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars, Walking Liberty, Franklin and Kennedy Half Dollars and more. Please call our jewelry department for a quote at 217-875-6625.

Silver Coins

By far, silver coins are our best seller. This is for a very good reason: Compared to gold and platinum, they are very inexpensive to start with. If you want to start a collection or to start stacking for a rainy day, silver is an inexpensive way to start. Any silver coin minted 1964 or earlier contains 90% pure silver & 10% copper. Typically, their silver value outweighs their currency value just because of the silver content. Another way to buy silver coins is to purchase one ounce .999 fine silver “rounds” or one ounce .999 silver dollars like Silver American Eagles, Canadian Mapleleafs, Australian Perths, British Commens or Mexican Libertads. We are also a large buyer of the coins mentioned above.

Silver Rounds

Silver rounds are privately minted (not minted by Governments or countries). They usually cost less than silver coins minted by other countries, but not much less. Sometimes, they are very comparative in price. Typically, the silver rounds contain one ounce of pure silver (.999 fine) and depict various images on them, commemorating special events. These are great collectible items and also offer a hedge since they contain pure silver, which is a very tradable commodity. Decatur Jewelry & Pawn also buys these silver rounds mentioned above.

Silver Bars

Silver bars come in a variety of weights. The most common are the one, five, ten and one hundred ounce bars. Each silver bar contains .999 pure silver in that bar’s weight. Other weights are also available, but less common. 1,000 ounce bars are available, but not as popular. The most popular is the one ounce silver bar because it’s so affordable and easy to store and transport. We sell all varieties and brands of silver bars. Decatur Jewelry & Pawn also buys these silver bars mentioned above.

Other Silver

Decatur Jewelry & Pawn carries other, sometimes unique silver items such as silver bullets, nuggets, statues, pens, spoons and much, much more. If you’re looking for a unique silver item and don’t see it listed on our website, please call our jewelry department. We’ll do our best to locate it for you. We also buy unique silver items.