Musical Equipment


Since our humble beginning in 1993, Decatur Jewelry & Pawn has been a leading force in the musical instruments scene in Decatur and throughout central Illinois. Over the years, we have bought, sold or traded thousands of musical instruments and accessories.
Guitars — acoustic, electric and bass guitars alike — have been our largest source of musical instruments. We carry all of the top, well-known brands, such as Gibson, Fender, Peavey, Jackson, Martin, Yamaha, Ibanez, Epiphone and much more.
Our musical equipment selection doesn’t stop at guitars though. We carry a wide range of instruments such as guitar amplifiers, speakers, drums, saxophones, trombones, flutes, clarinets, cymbals, violins, cellos and much more.
Throughout the years, Decatur Jewelry & Pawn has been a huge partner in donating musical instruments to many charitable causes and groups. In the mid 1990’s, we were part of a group, along with Millikin University, that donated instruments to an impoverished grade school on the Island of Haiti. We’ve also donated instruments to St. Patrick’s Catholic School in Decatur and to various churches, throughout central Illinois. We’ve also teamed up with the National Pawnbroker’s Association (NPA) as part of a nation-wide musical instrument donation program where pawnbrokers across the U.S. and the NPA donate musical instruments to schools throughout America. We love giving back to the community that supports us.
If you’re in need of a short-term cash loan, Decatur Jewelry & Pawn will loan you cash on your instrument(s). By doing a “pawn” loan, you can take care of your financial needs and still own your instrument. If you want to sell or trade it, we will help you do that also.
Looking for a nice guitar or other instruments? Decatur Jewelry & Pawn, at both locations, always has a nice selection to choose from. Short on cash? Don’t worry. You can use our awesome LAYAWAY Program. Ask any associate for more details.