Since 1993, Decatur Jewelry & Pawn has been the area’s leader in gold coins & bullion products. We also buy, sell and trade silver products, too. If diversity is what you are looking for, many people choose to buy gold coins, bars and bullion. Gold buyers usually fall into two categories: Bullion investors and collectors. Whether you are looking for one ounce gold bars or the cherished St. Guadens, Liberty or Indian Head gold coin, you should consider Decatur Jewelry & Pawn. We sell both gold and silver American Eagle Bullion. In addition, we also carry a large selection of Gold American Eagles, Canadian Silver Maple Leafs, South African Krugerrands, Chinese Panda and more. If you’re collecting rare and historical coins, we usually have those too. Our inventory includes Indian, Liberty, St. Guadens and American Eagles.


Buying gold coins offers the investor a good opportunity for the metal to increase in value over time. Not only that, but you are buying the rarity and scarcity of a particular coin. Some coins are very collectible and only increase in value over time. Buying coins is also a fantastic hobby to start and to teach to your children and family. There are countless countries around the world that mint gold and silver coins from their official mint. The opportunities are almost endless.


Gold bars come in a wide variety of brands, sizes and weights. The most common fine gold bar is the one ounce bar and is usually priced a few percentage points above the daily spot price. Gold bars are usually the more economical way to invest in gold. Buying gold coins is typically higher because they carry a higher premium over spot price, depending on the country. The smallest bar is actually a ½ gram .999 fine gold bar. It isn’t much larger than a Tic Tac. Investing in gold has been a pastime for kings and nobility and is usually used as a hedge against inflation and the weakening U.S. Dollar. Today, more people prefer to own physical gold and store safely in lock boxes or similar. It is much better to invest in physical, rather than paper, if you have a safe and secure location to store your gold and/or silver. This is because companies charge hefty annual fees for their continued service.