Rolex Watches

How To Safely Wind Your Rolex Watch

Rolex watches are famously-known to have a “self-winding” movement, commonly known as the perpetual, self-winding movement. Instead of having to manually wind your watch daily, the perpetual movement winds itself with your normal daily body movements throughout the day. However, if your watch sits idle for more than 48 hours without being worn, you will need to wind your watch manually in order to properly start the perpetual movement. By manually winding your Rolex, you are tightening the “main spring” in the movement, thus allowing the movement to function correctly.
This is one of the most overlooked steps Rolex watch owners neglect to do. This is usually because the jewelry salesperson forgets to inform the new watch customer, or it is quickly forgotten. Omitting this simple task usually ends up with a visit to your jeweler as you explain how the watch won’t run or keep time properly. So, in order to avoid the unnecessary and time-consuming headache of thinking your Rolex is broken, we will explain a few, easy, key steps in keeping your Rolex running smoothly after you’ve set it down on your dresser. Place your watch in your left hand or place it on a flat, scratch-free surface.
  • Unscrew the crown. The “crown” is the ribbed knob on the 3 O’ clock marker on the watch. It has the Rolex crown symbol on the end. Turn the crown counter-clockwise between your index finger and thumb. Your thumb should rotate down, toward you. Unscrew it until you feel it release, or spring open slightly from the watch.
  • To wind your watch, use your thumb and index finger to slowly turn the crown clockwise a full rotation. Now, your thumb should rotate upward and away from you. Wind your watch about 30-40 times. This will fully wind the watch. Do not worry about over winding your watch. Rolex watches are designed to prevent this from occurring.
  • Screw the crown gently back into the watch by depressing the crown back into the watch. As you apply pressure on the crown, screw it until finger tight.       This will ensure it is water proof again.

At this point your watch should fully be operational with the second hand rotating smoothly. If you do not see the second hand moving after winding and rotating the watch, it might need to be looked at by an authorized Rolex repair center.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Rolex

Your Rolex watch will give you years of flawless use and enjoyment if you do a few simple steps to keep it cleaned and maintained. Your watch is a very valuable item that must be maintained and cared for in order to help retain its value and to keep it functioning properly. Keep in mind, your watch is designed and manufactured to stand up to daily wear. But, of course, this will lead to the watch case, band and clasp getting dirty. You can do a few simple tasks to keep your investment in top running condition.

Since most Rolex watches use “Oyster Perpetual Technology,” you can safely wash your water-proof watch without damaging it. *Make sure your watch is waterproof before proceeding.
  • Start by washing your hands to ensure they are clean & dirt free.
  • Make sure your screw-down crown is tight and locked in the waterproof position.
  • Rinse your watch with lukewarm water, rinsing any loose dirt off the watch
  • Use an old toothbrush (soft bristles) and ammonia-free soap to wash the watch’s surface. Pay attention to areas between the links and inside of the clasp.
  • Continue this cleaning on the watch case, front and back and especially where the watch case and band link together. Your skin’s salt and sweat will build up around this area.
  • When finished, rinse the entire watch case, band and clasp in warm water.
  • Dry your watch with a soft, lint-free cloth. Lay the watch on the cloth for a period of time to allow hard-to-reach spots to dry thoroughly.
These cleaning steps listed above should be done periodically when you notice your watch starting to look dull. In addition to your routine cleaning, it is important to have your Rolex watch professionally serviced about every 5 years to keep its internal parts operating smoothly. Consider this service the same as tuning up your vehicle after years of use. Proper care and maintenance now will prevent much more costly repairs later. This will also allow you years of enjoyment and usage from your fine Rolex watch.