Author: Perry Lewin

Gold hits 3-week high as U.S.-China dispute fuels growth concerns

Gold hits 3-week high as U.S.-China dispute fuels growth concerns Gold gained  for a fourth straight day on Friday, reaching a new three-week high as rising U.S.-China trade tensions fueled continued  fears that the U.S. economy affected from Covid 19 will take longer to recover. Gold opened at $1,731.11 per ounce, after hitting its highest since April 23. The precious metal  has risen nearly 2% so far this week. U.S. gold futures were steady at $1,740.20.  Gold has been consolidating for weeks, finally breaking loose yesterday. A new precious metals analysis survey showed an already dismal near-term U.S. economic outlook has eroded further. While a recovery is still projected for  the second half of the year, it won’t come close to regaining the ground it lost this year. The focus now shifts to retail sales data due today that will reflect the impact of shelter-in-place orders on the U.S. consumers in April. The pandemic has hammered global growth and prompted governments to initiate massive stimulus packages to stem the economic tide. Gold historically  benefits from massive stimulus packages because it is mostly  viewed as a hedge against inflation and currency devaluation.  Gold holdings  jumped 1.2% on Thursday – its highest in more than seven years. Meanwhile, President Trump said on Thursday  the pandemic had a huge affect  over his recent  trade deal with China, and suggested the U.S.  could...

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925 Sterling Silver Created Blue Inlay Opal Sandal Pendant Charm Necklace

925 Sterling Silver Blue And Green Opal Flipflop Beach Sandal Charm Pendant – 8×27.75mm   New Inventory:  Just arrived, we are showcasing this  Spectacular beach sandal charm Pendant crafted in Sterling Silver. This Pendant sandal or slipper  Style.  This charming, hot, stylish sterling silver charm is inlayed with opal and comes complete with an 18″ sterling silver chain for the low price of only $34.95.  To order, email here or call 217-875-6625 and speak with one of our specialist. ✅  LIMITED SUPPLY GET IT NOW BEFORE IT’S SOLD OUT: Solid 925 Sterling Silver / Length: 27mm / Width: 8mm...

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Gold & Silver climbs to a Fresh New High

Wow!  What a week in the precious metals market.  Gold wrapped up the week with a bang – the gold price this Friday was on a rip, hitting a fresh 52-week high. Gold prices climbed a 13-month high in U.S. trading Friday. Silver prices are gaining too.  August gold futures were  up $12.90 an ounce at $1,356.30 while July Comex silver prices were last up $0.198 at $15.09 an ounce. Trying to predict patterns, based on news, politics and other  factors is foolish.  The  only true way to enter into high-probability deals  is to let the market fingerprint guide you. So what’s behind the move and momentum?  China’s economic health is one big concern.  Middle East tensions are certainly playing into the mix, also.  Eyes and ears are on our southern border, watching Mexico’s role in stemming illegal immigration into our county .  So, there’s a number of factors in play right now affecting the price of silver and gold. The CPI report, which tracks and measures U.S. inflation came out earlier in the week.  It clearly showed the core consumer price index rose 2% from the previous year. Everyone seems to be excited about gold & silver right now.  Currently, the sentiment among brokers is that if gold can break through $1,400 per ounce, in can then easily push toward $1,600 or $1,700 an ounce, getting close to...

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Denny Dent “Two Fisted Art Attack” Stevie Wonder Original Painting

Here is an Original Denny Dent, Stevie Wonder Painting. If you have never heard of Denny Dent and his “Two Fisted Art Attack” you should first check out a couple of his Youtube videos.  They are simply amazing.  Trying to describe his artistic style to someone who has never witnessed would be like trying to describe a beautiful sunset to someone who is blind.  No matter how hard you try, they will never truly grasp the beauty. Most of Denny Dent’s work is done in the time it takes for 3 songs to play through.  Using three paint brushes...

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