Here is an Original Denny Dent, Stevie Wonder Painting. If you have never heard of Denny Dent and his “Two Fisted Art Attack” you should first check out a couple of his Youtube videos.  They are simply amazing.  Trying to describe his artistic style to someone who has never witnessed would be like trying to describe a beautiful sunset to someone who is blind.  No matter how hard you try, they will never truly grasp the beauty.

Most of Denny Dent’s work is done in the time it takes for 3 songs to play through.  Using three paint brushes in each hand and on a 6′ medium, Denny begins his artistic attack as the first song begins to play.  Starting with a black, blank template, he miraculously begins painting from what I would call “The Inside Out.”  It is kind of like an old film negative.  He begins with obscure lines and shapes.  You truly never know what he he painting until the very last minute.

Dent’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring.  He has painted many paintings of world-renowned musicians like Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Jimmy Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Elton John and many more. The diversity of his performances range from painting Beeethoven at the Colorado Symphony Orchestra to painting Martin Luther King Jr.  This painting was actually given to the King family and is on permanent display in Martin Luther King Jr. Library.  His paintings are  not limited to the above.  He even grabbed the attention of the professional sports world, doing painting of NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon, Denver Bronco’s quarterback John Elway and many more.  If you would like to see this painting in person, feel free to stop by our store and browse this awesome piece in person.  Decatur Jewelry & Pawn

Check out his work on Google and Youtube.  You’ll be amazed.  If you would like more information on this painting, please email me.  Thank you.

Stevie Wonder Original